Athugið: Þessar síður fjalla um alþingiskosningarnar 27. apríl 2013.
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Principal dates

Pricipal dates in the run-up to the General Election on 27 April 2013

 2 March
Pre-election voting may begin under the auspices of election officials, both in Iceland and abroad.
 23 March Closing date of election database prepared by the National Registry.
 30 March Deadline for the National Electoral Commission to advertise the boundaries of the Reykjavík constituencies. Also, the National Electoral Commission is to decide by this date how voters resident abroad, whose last Icelandic domicile was in Reykjavík, are to be allocated between the constituencies, based on their dates of birth.
 6 April Pre-election voting under the supervision of election officials may begin in hospitals, homes for the elderly, institutions for disabled people, prisons and private homes for voters who are unable to leave their homes due to illness, disability or childbirth. Requests to vote at home must be received by the election officials not later than 4 p.m. on 23 April.
 9 April 12 noon: Political associations which have not been allocated letters as symbols of their lists, but intend to field candidates in the general election are to inform the ministry of this not less than 72 hours prior to the expiry of the deadline for announcing candidacies (at 12 noon on 12 April). The ministry shall then immediately publish an advertisement showing amendments and additions to its previous advertisement on the distinguishing letters assigned to political organisations and announce them to the National and Constituency Electoral Commissions.
 12 April 12 noon: deadline for submitting candidacies to the relevant constituency electoral commissions.
 15 April Deadline for the Ministry of the Interior to advertise the presentation of electoral registers on Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (radio and television) and in the press. The advertisement is to state that those who wish to make comments on the electoral registers are to submit them to the municipal councils in question.
 17 April Deadline for municipal councils to make the electoral registers available for public viewing at their offices or in other convenient locations. The electoral registers shall be displayed during normal office hours until the election day. Corrections to electoral registers may be made up until the election day.
 17 April Deadline for the National Electoral Commission to announce, in the Official Gazette, the press and the National Broadcasting Service (radio and television), the political organisations for which candidate lists have been put forward in the election and to state the distinguishing letters assigned to each list. The National Electoral Commission shall furthermore send the Ministry of the Interior the lists as they are published.
 27 April Election day